Monday, 17 November 2014

We live in the year 1940

  • Send a letter,( go in the post)
  • Calling, ( when your calling they either pick up our don’t answer)
  • Post cards, (go through the post)
  • Type writer/Fax machine,
  • Talk face to face, (straight away, so fast)
  • Telegraph,(they came to your door and deliver
  • Write on paper, (maybe 15 20 mins)
  • Print books, (quite a while)
  • TV, (as long as you would like)
  • Morse code, (comes to you quickly
  • Radio, (as long as you would like)

People also could communicate by mass media and the radio was still popular, and the new mass medium of television began to gather an audience in the late 1940's
they used typewriters at school and they still used them for writing letters
In 1940’s at  wartime in Britain, not a lot of families had phones. There were public telephones and shops or businesses might be encouraged in an emergency to let valued customers use their phones.

The most useful things are:

Calling,Writing a letter,Telegraph and Post cards.