Thursday, 29 October 2015

Chocolate Advertisment

My Advertisement

For our designed to sell inquiry, for the product that we designed we had to create an advertisement advertising our product. We had to include pictures of our product, our logo and company name, the cost and where we could buy the product from. Here is my advertisement.  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Product

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My Product

 As part of the senior school's new inquiry, designed to sell, we had to design/make a product. I chose to do chocolate. I have three different flavours, M&M, jelly bean and marshmallow. We had to create a company name, a logo and packaging for our product. My company name is ''Milblock''. I packaged my chocolate by wrapping the chocolate up in coloured foil, I then wrapped my logo and company name over top. On the packaging we had to make sure that we included every ingredient that was in our product and allergy information. We had to bring in a few of our products for the class to try and give feedback about our product. Here is a mock up of one of my flavours of chocolate.