Friday, 23 May 2014

For Zoo’s
Against Zoo’s
1. I think that zoo’s are a good thing to have because you are not going to see a lion or any other animal like that every day but you will if you go to a zoo.
1. Their babies get taken off them  in zoo’s  and thats not fair.
2. They are very safe there and always will be safe at a zoo.
2. In zoo’s they are all cooped up and in the wild they have freedom and space.
3. zoo’s keep them happy,healthy and fit.
3. They will not know how to cope and survive in the wild.

Zoos are good because:                      
They make the animals feel happy ,and safe.
and they must love all the attention they get and you do not
see zoo animals out of a zoo!!!
I believe that zoos are good because without zoos animals
wouldn’t be able to be fed.


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