Monday, 11 May 2015

To the unknown soldier

My writing to the unknown soldier

For writing we had to write to an unknown soldier (A dead soldier.) We got asked to use complex sentences, short sharp sentences, paragraphs and ask questions. Each one of my paragraphs is about a different thing, for example one is about the uniform, one is about the shooting and the other paragraphs are about something else. Here is my writing.

To the unknown soldier,
I am writing to you today to share my thoughts with you. I want you to know that I have remembered you this ANZAC day, you are not forgotten. I know that .
your family still misses you every second of the day.

What was it like to put on your uniform for the first time, Did you feel proud? We have learnt about what the uniforms were like, how the soldiers cut them because they were so hot. Did you do that? I can’t imagine what it would have been like for you to carry around all of those heavy bombs, spades and artillery's.

What went through your mind when you saw someone get shot? We have heard about the men lying in no man's land. We have heard about some of the terrible injuries that the soldiers have had.  We have learnt about the shrapnel that caused soldiers to lose arms and legs. Did you ever get terribly injured?  We have also learnt about the stretcher bearers coming to rescue the wounded in no man’s land.

What was it like first going to war? We have heard about the conscientious objectors who chose not to go to war. Did you want to go to war, or were you forced to go? I cannot imagine what it would of been like for you to leave your family to go to war and sacrifice your life for us.

Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for being brave for us. Thank you for putting all of your blood, sweat and tears, putting your   life on the line to fight for our country. I cannot imagine what it would of been like as the sound of a deafening gun or explosion went off. I cannot imagine how you felt when you saw someone get shot, it must have been awful.

I am only an eleven year old girl in year 6 but I still remember you every ANZAC day and I always will. I want you to know that you did a great thing for our country and that you have saved a lot of other lives.

Yours sincerely Harriet Mildon.

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