Monday, 17 November 2014

We live in the year 1940

  • Send a letter,( go in the post)
  • Calling, ( when your calling they either pick up our don’t answer)
  • Post cards, (go through the post)
  • Type writer/Fax machine,
  • Talk face to face, (straight away, so fast)
  • Telegraph,(they came to your door and deliver
  • Write on paper, (maybe 15 20 mins)
  • Print books, (quite a while)
  • TV, (as long as you would like)
  • Morse code, (comes to you quickly
  • Radio, (as long as you would like)

People also could communicate by mass media and the radio was still popular, and the new mass medium of television began to gather an audience in the late 1940's
they used typewriters at school and they still used them for writing letters
In 1940’s at  wartime in Britain, not a lot of families had phones. There were public telephones and shops or businesses might be encouraged in an emergency to let valued customers use their phones.

The most useful things are:

Calling,Writing a letter,Telegraph and Post cards.

Friday, 17 October 2014


Readers Theatre


Why We Should Have Camp

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that we should have camp.

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. FirstIy I learnt so much from the last camp we went to. Such as water safety,river safety and outdoor education.

Secondly at camp we learn to become risk takers and that is good because we get to do things that we have never done before. By taking risks we learn how to manage our fears and learn how much we can push ourselves.

Thirdly teachers like Mrs Burns are more than happy to take their time to go on camp with us and see how we cooperate together. They don’t mind planning as they know they need to do it to keep us safe.

Finally we know we can keep costs down by going to cheaper camps such as Guthrie Smith which is $25.00 per student per day for accommodation and all activities included. St Columba’s Church Taradale is only $8.00 per child per night which would be $16.00 per person for 2 nights. They are a lot more cheaper and affordable for parents to pay.

I think that I have shown that camp is a great way to learn about the outdoors,and at school you can only learn writing,reading,spelling and maths. So we should have Camp next year.

Harriet Mildon

Daffodil Day

Verse 1:
Daffodil day is coming soon just a day away,
you better save up some money so you can put it in the bucket,

Saving all these poor kids in the hospital,
donate some money a dollar will do,
i have no cash wheres the machine,
do you have some money i could use,
maybe in that bucket over there,
over there.

Daffodil day,Daffodil day,
the flowers are beautiful,

Daffodil day,Daffodil day,
the money is worth it ,
so don’t take it back,

Let the daffodils grow,
daffodil day is important

To the tune of let it go.

By Harriet,Zoe,Isabella and Anja.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Maths like a pirate
Last Friday we did maths like a pirate what we had to do was build a bridge out of newspaper and cello tape in between two chairs. It had to be at least a metre wide. we also  had to balance as much raw eggs on our bridge as we could. the eggs kept on cracking and falling off it was pretty hard to make them stay on the bridges,but apart from all that is was really fun!

For Zoo’s
Against Zoo’s
1. I think that zoo’s are a good thing to have because you are not going to see a lion or any other animal like that every day but you will if you go to a zoo.
1. Their babies get taken off them  in zoo’s  and thats not fair.
2. They are very safe there and always will be safe at a zoo.
2. In zoo’s they are all cooped up and in the wild they have freedom and space.
3. zoo’s keep them happy,healthy and fit.
3. They will not know how to cope and survive in the wild.

Zoos are good because:                      
They make the animals feel happy ,and safe.
and they must love all the attention they get and you do not
see zoo animals out of a zoo!!!
I believe that zoos are good because without zoos animals
wouldn’t be able to be fed.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My First Guinea Pig

’’Is it in there mum’’? I said. I sprinted towards the cage and
there was a little black fluffy boy guinea pig only 10 weeks old!

I picked him up and gave him a huge hug. I will name him ‘’Hairy Maclary’’!

His little teeth are like two white sticks. As I held him he scratched me with his razor like claws and it hurt!

I remember seeing Hairy Maclary in the pet shop,it felt great to have him at home.

I was so excited to finally get a guinea pig!

I thought to myself I am going to be the best guinea pig mum ever, feed it every day, clean out its cage, and change the grass.

This was the best birthday present ever!