Friday, 17 October 2014

Daffodil Day

Verse 1:
Daffodil day is coming soon just a day away,
you better save up some money so you can put it in the bucket,

Saving all these poor kids in the hospital,
donate some money a dollar will do,
i have no cash wheres the machine,
do you have some money i could use,
maybe in that bucket over there,
over there.

Daffodil day,Daffodil day,
the flowers are beautiful,

Daffodil day,Daffodil day,
the money is worth it ,
so don’t take it back,

Let the daffodils grow,
daffodil day is important

To the tune of let it go.

By Harriet,Zoe,Isabella and Anja.

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