Friday, 17 October 2014

Why We Should Have Camp

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that we should have camp.

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. FirstIy I learnt so much from the last camp we went to. Such as water safety,river safety and outdoor education.

Secondly at camp we learn to become risk takers and that is good because we get to do things that we have never done before. By taking risks we learn how to manage our fears and learn how much we can push ourselves.

Thirdly teachers like Mrs Burns are more than happy to take their time to go on camp with us and see how we cooperate together. They don’t mind planning as they know they need to do it to keep us safe.

Finally we know we can keep costs down by going to cheaper camps such as Guthrie Smith which is $25.00 per student per day for accommodation and all activities included. St Columba’s Church Taradale is only $8.00 per child per night which would be $16.00 per person for 2 nights. They are a lot more cheaper and affordable for parents to pay.

I think that I have shown that camp is a great way to learn about the outdoors,and at school you can only learn writing,reading,spelling and maths. So we should have Camp next year.

Harriet Mildon

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