Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick write

The big jump

ManuelToribio-THE%20FLIGHT[1].jpgFor our writing we got given a picture of a boy about to jump off a wharf. We had to pretend that we were that person. We also got asked to use complex sentences, short sharp sentences and interrupter sentences. We had to show and not tell to make the reader think more about the story. Here is mine, it is called the big jump.

As I am taking my shoes off, I take in the scene around me. The sad, dark, murky sky. The grey clouds. I drag my feet across the rustic wharf, thinking of a way to get me out of this but it’s too late.

There is no backing out. The seagulls squawk. The water glistens. The clouds slowly separate. This has been a long day.

I walk up to the edge, look down to see my reflection. My feet perched on the edge. My heart pounds. Tight throat. Eyes closed. Bent knees. Hold my breath. I froze. Push off.
I am free, flying in the air, until gravity pulls me closer and closer to the water surface. I skim across.

The water lapping around me, the seagulls squawking, circling above, I cannot believe myself. I have done it. I have done the jump. All I can taste is the salty seawater. But it was worth it.

As I come up from under water, I let go off my breath, swim to the side of the wharf and heave myself back up.

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